“The fastest ride” premieres on google daydream

We're excited to announce that our first VR documentary, The Fastest Ride, is available to watch now on Google's new Daydream VR platform. Directed by Jessica Edwards and produced in collaboration with the Wall Street Journal, The Fastest Ride follows cyclist Denise Mueller as she attempts to become the fastest woman ever on a bicycle. Using Daydream's interactive capabilities, the piece incorporates informational branches that let you choose different paths and get deeper into the story. 

You can watch The Fastest Ride on the WSJ VR app for Android. You'll need a Daydream enabled Android Phone (Google Pixel, etc.) and the Daydream View headset. Download the WSJ VR app here. 

You can also read writer Jason Gay's story about Denise's record and watch The Fastest Ride on the web in 360 video.